That darned cowl

I blogged briefly about my trials with the Destroyed Cowl (pattern is available for free on Ravelry). I never did get that pattern to work for me—my brain just could not wrap itself around the correct Make 1 forms, so I kept ending up with an infinitely dropping loop on the inside of the fabric. However, I really liked the idea of the dropped stitches with the yarn that I was using, so I just sort of engineered my own cowl.

Resurrected Cowl

See how cool this yarn looks with the dropped stitches? I was so frustrated that I couldn’t make the Destroyed Cowl work, because I just loved the way it looked. But after knitting it two times—that’s a lot of purling, by the by, and you may know how I feel about purling by now (not favorably, for any newer folks)—and having it fail miserably, I wasn’t about to knit another stockinette strip only to have it fail again.


My yardage was kind of short, so I’d have to stretch my cowl a lot to get it to wrap around my neck (I think, I didn’t actually try this out yet). It’s Fresh from the Cauldron’s MCN Worsted, in a one of a kind colorway that Jen created for my birthday gift, and I love it. The yarn is super squishy and has lovely, lovely drape.


So yay, a finished object in March!


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