Friday Finds

Last Friday in March! This month has been a bit of a doozy for me, in my real life work. I know I said there would be another contest, but I haven’t had time to get all the prizes together, so I think it’s going to be delayed until another month. šŸ˜¦ Hopefully this collection of Friday Finds will help soften the blow!

  • Hannah Fettig has a new cardigan pattern, the Spring Ribbed Cardigan. Like all of Hannah’s patterns, this one looks sweet and simple and completely classic.

  • Child garments are awesome because they’re so fast and cute. Kate Oates whips up a dapper cardigan, taking cues from a classic Grandpa sweater in the Gramps Cardigan. Just needs a couple little elbow patches.

  • JAPAN Wendy D. Johnson has a new shawl pattern, the Japanese Garden Shawl, and all of the proceeds are going to the American Red Cross to help support relief for Japan.

  • JAPAN This news comes via Derya at, but knitwear-designer and co-author of last year’s Ori Ami Knits Olga Bureya-Kefelian, who lives in Tokyo, is donating 85% of her sales to relief efforts, and will be actively putting that money into use from their home base (rather than passing it along to another organization). Read Derya’s post here and Olga’s post here. Olga even has a new shawl pattern, Mizutama, available for sale as part of her fund-raising efforts.
  • Marnie MacLean has a new pattern and a fun sense of humor. The first photo on Ravelry for her new Tidewater Cowl shows the lovely, lacy cowl modeled by her adorable dog.

  • Melissa LaBarre (recently of New England Knits fame) has a new cardigan pattern out, called Estelle. I love the gentle feather-and-fan edging and ribbed waist detail.

  • Petite Purls has published another edition of their online magazine, and there are some adorable patterns for little kids. Two of my favorites are No Capes and Nova

  • One more cardigan: Laura Chau’s new Savile Row. I love the very classic detailing, from the lapel to the curved fronts and the sweet little bow in the back. Such a fantastic looking design!

  • JAPAN This tip comes from Anna, via Ravelry, and she directed my attention to Etsy seller Bonita Patterns, who, along with many other Etsy sellers in the Joy for Japan team are donated proceeds to help fund relief efforts. Bonita Patterns’ donations run through today, so if you see any patterns you like, snag them today and half of the proceeds will be donated.

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • Isn’t that little girl’s dress adorable? I have a couple of friends with little girls, I’m thinking I might have to make it some day.

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