Friday Finds

There have been some amazing patterns popping up on my radar lately; so much that I had to break up some of the pattern finds between this week and next!

  • The gals at Knitta, Please are going on a road trip! Check out their fiber-fied Mini Cooper and super cute picnic accoutrement!
  • Katharine Heigl hasn’t taken up knitting as far as I know, but she will be producing and starring in a new HBO TV show, The Knitting Circle, based on a book by the same name. Has anyone read this book? Looking forward to seeing knitting-related stories on TV? [source]
  • Kristen Hanley Cardozo (aka the Knitting Kninja) has a lovely new e-book of patterns available for sale. I especially love the Verdure shawl, but the Laetiporus scarf and Woodpigeon mitts are fabulous, as well!

  • How cute is the Gruffalo?! Sorry, can’t talk, immobilized by cute.

  • A sweet and simple tank is perfect knitting for summertime. The folks at Green Mountain Spinnery are looking out for you with their Isis tank.

  • Cassandra is a free shawl pattern from Marie Adeline Boyer, and it’s a wonderful pairing of simple lace and beautifully drapey yarn.

  • One more shawl/scarf thing for you: Alexandra Tinsley has a new and highly customizable shawlette pattern, Stripe Your Fancy.

  • Amanda Jensen’s Heat Wave is a fantastic summery top that looks incredibly easy to knit.

  • This Hexa top by Amy Gunderson is just slaying me. To me, this epitomizes the combination of simple textures and spare colorwork for the ideal not-too-complicated-but-not-too-boring knit.


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

    • If you’ll knit all the things that I want to be knitting (like 12 pairs of socks, my pullover, etc), I’ll knit these things for you. Sounds good?

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