Oh, what a beautiful morning

Saturday morning. A day for sleeping in and relaxing in jammies and not necessarily doing much of anything. Or at least, that’s what I hear, it’s been a while since I’ve had an opportunity to try out this plan. Today I willingly got up around 6:15 (earlier than I get up for work) so I could work the first volunteer shift of the day at the bookstore. I didn’t work my shift last weekend, because I anticipated being exhausted from the week, and I was so right. And while the bookstore managers are really chill about things, I figured I’d balance out some karma and work an early shift.

There’s something a little magical about being awake and wandering around town when very few people are up and about. The light was glorious. The streets were quiet and fairly empty. I took the opportunity to get a little exercise and parked my car approximately equidistant from the places I planned on going and walked around. And the benefit of a slow, sleepy Saturday morning at a bookstore is that I have a lot of knitting time.

I’ve been fighting with this shawl for about a week and a half, and I think we’ve reached an accord. I’m making up the pattern as I’m going and not really making notes, because it’s already a little wonky and will need some serious brainpower to make it work in the future. Brainpower is something I’m fairly limited on at the moment, and what I have is reserved for work.


Confession: I have no idea how this shawl is going to end. It’s a mystery. I’m poring over pattern books, especially Elizabeth Zimmerman, trying to find something that seems perfect, but it probably won’t click until it’s time to work an edging. (I’m leaning towards a cast-on and knit perpendicular edging, because apparently I’m that kind of masochist right now.)

I’ve also made some progress on my Elemental Boatneck. I’m loving the fabric that’s coming off the needles. The yarn, while a bit stiff in the skein and somewhat splitty to knit with, is softening up as it’s worked and I imagine will be splendid once washed.


How’s your weekend knitting up?


2 thoughts on “Oh, what a beautiful morning

  1. Heh, you’ve seen the benefits to being up and about at that time of day, huh 😉 I love that time of the morning. Especially this time of year (or in the Fall). There’s such a sense of peace when it’s that quiet, isn’t there?

    As for knitting, I’m about 4 repeats in on my Tongues of Fire, take 2. Working on my fifth here in a bit 😉

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