Friday Finds

I’m doing a “themed” finds here. There’s been lots of fantastic lacy shawl patterns popping up lately, so I collected a bunch of them to post here. Those of you who were up at silly o’clock this morning for the royal wedding probably shouldn’t cast on any of these immediately; sleep deprivation + lace = not mixy things.

  • Win some yarn AND a shawl project from Knitting Kninja’s blog! Kristen’s helping to raise money for Japan by giving away these amazing combo prizes for donating money to a charity of your choice.
  • Chrysalis Shawl by Bad Cat Designs. I love the look of this triangular shawl, and how there doesn’t seem to be a “seam” stitch running down the center. I love shawls with those stitches, too, but I think it’s super clever when someone can design a shawl that doesn’t involve those middle stitches.

  • Lavandula by Mia Rinde. This lace pattern just seems so lovely and dainty to me. It’s calling to that part of me that just loves wistful things.

  • MILO by Gabriela is a free triangular shawl with a simple eyelet cluster shape and beautiful edging.

  • Zari Zamen’s Persian Star Shawl is a gorgeous circular shawl with a fantastic star motif in the center.

  • Kirsten Kapur is at it again with Cladonia a sweet stripy shawl with a delicate lacy border.

  • I was introduced to Damask by Kitman Figueroa while reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s blog this week, and just like with Kitman’s Jaali shawl, it was love at first sight.

  • And don’t forget about the Rose Lace Stole knit-a-long, co-hosted by Kristin at Voolenvine and Maria at Subway Knits!! Start your needles on Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Wow, I actually had one in my queue already lol. Of course, now my queue is even longer, but we won’t talk about that 😉

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