Travel knitting

I took a few knitting projects with me on the road this weekend. One of them I can’t talk about just yet. Another one, my Elemental Boatneck, is kind of boring to talk about—oh hey, I knit another few inches of linen stitch in the round! There, that’s done and over.

The third project I took with me is the pair of socks for May, Stefanie van der Linden’s The Scent of Lavender. I mentioned that last month’s socks flew off the needles, and this month’s pair are in fast pursuit.

In-progress socks

I cast on for the first sock on the airplane, and had finished the cuff and two repeats of the lace pattern before we landed in New York. I put it down temporarily to work on that secret project, and then picked it up again after that. This photo was taken on Sunday, lace repeats done, heel turned, instep started. I finished knitting the first sock on Monday. Last night, I turned the heel of the second sock and started on the instep. I’m thinking I can probably finish them tonight, but definitely tomorrow, which will mean I’ll have finished a pair of socks in less than half a month (really, in about 10 days, as I started them on May 4).

This is good, because starteritis has overwhelmed me, and I’m trying very hard in the evenings to not cast on about three different projects. How’s your knitting going?


2 thoughts on “Travel knitting

  1. That’s really fast knitting! Awesome!

    I haven’t knit a stitch all week, mostly because my arm’s been hurting too much after hitting my “funny bone” really hard. Leave it to me, eh?

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