Friday Finds

Back into the swing of real life, we are, and missing my vacation buddies a lot! But, Friday means it’s Friday Finds time, and while this is a little on the light side, I think the quality of the finds makes up for the smaller quantity.

  • Love yarnbombing? Check out this fundraising drive for a documentary about yarnbombing. The video leads me to believe that the folks behind this project really get what knitting and yarn graffiti are about, and it’s worth the consideration of your time.
  • I just love this shrug, Harris by Kate Elsa. It looks fairly simple but shows off a slightly variegated colorway perfectly.

    Plisse by Amy Gunderson is a lovely summery tank top with really simple detailing at one shoulder. Knit this up in a cotton yarn for a fantastic summertime project.

  • Kitman Figueroa is at it again with another bottom up shawl, called Frangipani. I’m trying really hard to not add this to my queue, since I’ve got her Jaali and Damask patterns all lined up and ready to go. I’m probably going to fail, though.

  • Ysolda Teague’s new book, Little Red in the City, is off to the printers, and while I was initially curious but likely to pass on it (I need more knitting books like I need another set of size 1 needles, which is to say, not at all). Then I saw this post on her blog, outlining a little bit more about what’s in the book, and I had to have it. I know a fair amount about customizing knits to fit different bodies, but am always on the lookout for more materials that speak to this part of our knitting life, and I love Ysolda’s ways of explaining techniques. So I had to share with you on this edition of Friday Finds, as I think it will be beneficial to a bunch of you as well!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Ysolda is a brilliant designer but I’ve never fallen in love with any of her patterns for my personal use. They are all so girly that I don’t feel I could ever work them in to my actual rotation. :/ I am trying to back off on being a fan girl knitter and focus not on what everyone is doing but what works for me. It’s a little lonely lol.

    Lovely finds as always!

    • I’ve knit a couple of her hats, and a couple of Ishbels, and I want to knit her Snow White, but I do get what you’re saying. Her overall aesthetic is a little more feminine than what I usually go for. However, I was bowled over by the amount of technical information she’s included in her book, and that’s why I was all pimping it out here. ๐Ÿ˜€

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