Friday Finds

Yay Friday! I don’t know about you, but I could really use another vacation. In the meantime, let’s look at pretty things we could be crafting.

  • Derya over at Laylock seems to have read my mind about my starteritis and shawl-knitting wanderlust and has created this Shawl Knitting Cheat Sheet. Infused with her classic eye for design, this simple print out is super handy if you’re looking to design your own shawl pattern.
  • This free shawl pattern from The Purl Bee is called a wedding shawl, but is simple and classic enough to be worn whenever. They used a drapey bamboo yarn for the sample, a perfect choice for the warm summer months.

  • Ashley Knowlton has a lovely little cardigan with the From This Day Forward design. Easy lace, princess seaming, and a simple button band are combined for a sweet little cover all.

  • A little bit Breton stripes, a little bit 80s graphics, the Tilted Heart Top by Eileen Casey is all fresh and funky. Pattern includes options for working the entire tilted heart in intarsia, or duplicate stitching the stripes on at the end.

  • My love of colorwork mittens is well-documented in this blog, and while it’s pretty far from mitten weather here, I came across these adorable Spatz mittens and I’m totally going to have to knit them. Currently free and only available in Swedish, but there is a mention of an English translation soon! Though I do often feel as though I should learn knitting terminology in other languages…

  • Those of you who are Angry Bird fanatics (you know who you are), you can deck out your bathroom, birdie-style, with this cute crocheted lotion bottle topper. I’ve never played Angry Birds, but I know there’s something about birds, and pigs, and destruction. Can’t we all use a little more destruction in our bathrooms? …yeah I don’t know, either.

  • Regina Satta’s THANKS socks are a really interesting take on what appears to be a Cat Bordhi–sock construction. This free sock pattern would be perfect for those wildly variegated yarns in your stash.

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