FO: Amanda’s Shawl

When I made up that shawl pattern last month, I figured I’d put it on the back burner and attack it again when I had more brain power and could do some basic math. But my friend Amanda seemed very excited about the shawl and asked me about a pattern. There’s still no pattern, though there have been some better math skills, but I knew her birthday was this month and I wanted to knit something for her. So I sat down with some worsted weight yarn (Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru in the Mossay colorway) and plunked away at the basic design of this shawl again.

Amanda's Shawl

I’ve mostly figured out the body pattern, though the center increase line does not please me to great effect yet. In order to get this stitch pattern to work out, I have to increase four stitches every row. Which looks lovely on the side increases, but that center stitch situation is going to require some work.

With my first attempt, I just sort of futzed around with an edging. But this time, I wanted something a little classier, and so I picked a lace border from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury (I’m 99% sure the body stitch pattern comes from that book, too).

Amanda's Shawl

I love the way the lace border mirrors the diamond shape of the body shawl; I don’t love how basic math failed me yet again and I didn’t really have enough stitches to achieve the desired effect for the border.

I am on a bit of a shawl kick lately. I joined the Yarn Snobs group on Ravelry, as they’re doing a massive tracking effort of using up stash yarn (and lord knows I need all the encouragement I can get in that department), and I’ve got a lot of fingering weight in my stash. I could knit a bunch of socks, but since that’s my goal for the year and I have that all organized, sweet little shawls are pretty much the easiest way to use up some of that fingering weight yarn that I have around (also, some of this yarn is too pretty to be stuck in shoes).

The problem is, I already have quite the collection of shawls and scarves and really don’t need more. Maybe I’ll donate a few of my older shawls, or send them to people at random. Anyone have any insights into destashing finished projects?


6 thoughts on “FO: Amanda’s Shawl

  1. that looks lovely, though. Exciting to see the different stages of it đŸ™‚

    Umm, no idea. I usually make and give… but that’s me

  2. So pretty! And such a great color for her.

    Idk what to tell you about shawl collection management. I really enjoy knitting them but since I don’t wear them often I have slowed down a bit on the knitting. But like you, I have a lot of fingering weight yarn, some of which is just too pretty to become socks, and shawls are such a great way to show it off. Hoom.

    • Yeah, I think I might just put a post up on Ravelry or here and see if anyone wants some of the older shawls that I don’t wear much (which, lately, would be all of them; this winter was too warm for wearing knits!).

      • “this winter was too warm for wearing knits!”
        I’mma have to call BS on that. If I could manage to wear knits in Loozy-anna, you most certainly could have swung ’em in Colorado. Nice try, though.

        Dibs on your Michael Corvin Haruni and Debbie Pelt Ishbel.

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