Month in Review: May

Every past month in review, I’ve talked about how it was a rough month, and that hopefully next month will be better. I’m just going to give up and say this year is full of ups and downs, and apparently I’m going to knit (and drink) my way through it. (This month’s “sanity” brought to you by rum.) I feel like I did a lot of knitting this month, but don’t really have a lot to show for it. This makes me sadpanda.

I did finish this month’s socks super early which was awesome. As predicted, my Scent of Lavender socks stretched out a bit with wearing, but I just washed them and haven’t seen if they pulled back at all.

Scent of Lavender Socks

I also knit a shawl for a friend.

Amanda's Shawl

And I started another shawl and made progress on my first pullover of the year, hopefully I’ll have FO posts for those soon.

As for my goals, my socks for June will be Pendragon by Erica Leuder. I’m going to knit this in Claudia Handpaints in a pretty silvery color, as in the pattern photo.

My yarn diet was blown in May, but that was part of the plan, after all. I’m back on the wagon now, and feeling good about my resolve to not buy more yarn.
May yarns

I hope May was good to you!


10 thoughts on “Month in Review: May

  1. Meh, May has sucked, here, too. And I don’t even have spiffy yarn to show for it at the end (well, not new lol). You picked up some gorgeous stuff, I must say!

    • Thanks! I thought it would be my last, but then I did buy some yarn today in the FFTC update (I really wanted a Leah, and I just couldn’t help myself). But that’s it! No mas!

  2. I have found that 2011, in general, has been pretty awful. I am very much ready for this entire year to be over!

    But you made some pretty things this month and acquired some fabulous yarn…so not a total loss!

    • I hesitate to say it’s been awful for me, so far: 2008 was most definitely the worst year ever, so I use that as my baseline (laid off, unemployed, terrible, terrible job, and everything affected by those). And I’m trying to focus on the good stuff—going to South Dakota, going to NYC and MD and meeting some new people, hopefully meeting a certain ‘pags sometime this year. But yeah, overall, I’m feeling pretty meh about this year.

  3. Hang in there! That yarn all looks gorgeous and totally worth it. I’m glad God invented rum for us to enjoy!

    • Seriously. Ben Franklin thought it was all about the beer, but I’m sorry, Mr. Franklin, gonna have to disagree there (beer is good too, though!). Mmmm rum. 😉

  4. yeah, we’ve been having a rough start to the year too – but we’re calling this the “year of rebuilding” – in which we recover from all the REALLY crappy stuff that happened in 2010, the residual effects of which i think we’re still shaking off. those are some pretty, pretty skeins of yarn, though – hope that takes some of the sting out of what sounds like a tough month!

    when i wasn’t working my day job, i was definitely knitting and drinking my way through may, too.

    • I hope your year of rebuilding continues to make progress! And yes, pretty yarn does take some of the sting out of the bad times. 😀

  5. Thanks so much for putting my badge in your sidebar for Junebug Days! I hope all your readers come and try to win some goodies! (And hear, hear for having some bad times sink low into the past. Let’s start making this year a better one. Hey, we CAN control things in blog world. 🙂 Beautiful FO’s and have fun knitting up all that gorgeous yarn!)

    • I’m happy to spread the word! I hope they visit the blog and try to win something, though I may demand a cut if they do. 😉

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