Friday Finds

I’m off to the Estes Park Wool Market this weekend! Resolve is strong–no buying yarn! Hopefully there will be a good amount of knitting this weekend; I’ve spent this week working on a secret other-kind-of-string project this week.

  • Stephen West has a new pattern out, called Spectra. Two contrasting yarns, short-row shaping, a mix of garter stitch and stockinette stitch, oh my!

  • This serpentine shawlette, appropriately called Medusa, is a light and airy summer shawl. Amanda Muscha’s design looks fairly simple and straightforward, while not mindnumbingly boring.

  • Elin Berglund’s Josefin is a beautiful pullover with a gentle scooped neck and elbow-length sleeves. Subtle waist shaping along the front and the back is paired with a simple detail edge at the hem and neckline. This is a great pattern for any knitter, but especially the curvier among us.

  • I’m a little weirded out about posting photos of sweaters when I’m sweltering here (I live and work on third floors, heat rises, you do the math), but if that’s what people are going to tempt me with, then by golly, that’s what you’ll get. Kirsten Hipsky has designed this awesome Cable 12 Pullover for Valley Yarns, and it’s pretty sweet. I love the interlocking cable look and the way it separates at the neckline! Very clever.

  • The folks behind Berocco’s Design Team have just published a few new pattern booklets. Zazanna, by Norah Gaughan, is in her ninth patten booklet, and I just love the cable and lace patterns combined with the puffed sleeves and i-cord edging.

  • And finally, a bit of cute from the brilliant minds at Lorna’s Laces.


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