Friday Finds

A busy, busy week for me means a smaller Friday Finds. As always, if you come across anything newsworthy, please drop me a line!

  • Stripe Tease by “General Hogbuffer” is a pretty clever sock pattern that utilizes the long color repeats in certain yarns. The sample is knit with a Zauberball, but I expect some Kauni or Noro yarns would also work with this, if those are your sorts of yarn. She does mention that the pattern hasn’t been tested yet, so beware of potential errors (and if you find some, be a nice knitter and politely share them with the designer; we don’t learn if no one tells us where we can grow).

  • Apparently I am digging on these “blanket sweaters” lately, what with Melissa Wehrle’s pattern in the last Twist Collective and now Caramel by Isabell Kraemer has caught my eye. I love the wide stripes and the cozy overlapping panels.

  • Sock knitters, good news! Ann Budd’s written another book about sock knitting, called Sock Knitting Master Class, and it’s available now! Ann’s also giving away a copy of the book via her blog so enter to win over there!

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