Friday Finds

Summer’s bounty applies to this week’s Friday Finds! I had so many choices that I had to move some to next week. Keep up the fantastic work, knitters of the world.

  • This Plumeria Lariat is so pretty and versatile. Wear it as a necklace, wrap it a bunch for a bracelet, or cinch it around your waist as a ultra-femme belt. Or just knit a couple of flowers to attach to a headband or barrette to dress up a summery up-do.

  • My blog roll this weekend led me to two patterns I missed in my attempts at catching up on recently published patterns on Ravelry. The first is this fantastically adorable pullover by Kristen Hanley Cardozo called Jewel Lake. I’ve seen patterns like this before, but I LOVE that Kristen worked it in a variegated yarn, and found a perfectly complementary ribbon to run through the neckline. Plus, she’s just adorably sassy.

  • And then Alexandra Tinsley’s blog revealed a super clever howlcat, a combination cowl and hat. The depths of this woman’s mind appear to know no bounds, and I love it.

  • Not a pattern, but a fantastic modification of a scarf pattern into a cardigan: uncia’s Shifting Sands Cardigan. Pairing Grumperina’s Shifting Sands Scarf with a simple cardigan silhouette = brilliant.

  • There’s a new Knitty up, and surprise surprise, I’m in love with the socks. Especially Hunter Hammersen’s Inlay Socks and Maria Näslund’s Lingerie Socks. What you’re probably not expecting is that I’m also feeling Gena Wich’s Dunes shawl AND am contemplating spinning up one of my few braids of fibers for it. SPINNING. WITH A PURPOSE. ME. Don’t worry, I’ve had a lie down.

  • Rounding out this week’s finds is a lovely summer cardigan from Veera Välimäki, called Summer Plum. This double-breasted jacket is paired with short sleeves and a portrait-style collar for a sweet tailored look in a lightly variegated fingering weight yarn. Plus… it’s purple. /am a sucker.

    Entirely unrelated to anything above, this has been a week of chickens (don’t ask), so I leave you with this.


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. wow okay…literally dizzy from that gif *blinks*

    moving on…

    lovin’ some of those picks! The pullover is making me want to try another sweater for myself, even though I tend to get really warm these days… it’s lovely

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