Month in review: June

Wow, June sure is ending with a bloggy-blog-blog week. I’ll be back tomorrow with the Friday Finds, so… yeah.

June was not a terribly productive month, in terms of finished objects. I actually thought that I hadn’t finished anything, but then I remembered that this little beauty was finished earlier in the month.

That’s my Rock Island Shawl, and that’s the only knitted object I managed to finish this month.

I did also finish a Dr. Who-inspired original (meaning I totally made it up as I went along) cross-stitch design for my friend Sarah, on the occasion of her birth. And then promptly forgot to take a picture of it, so this photo comes from her. And I just now realized she covered up the green at the top of the exclamation point, a la the 11th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver. (And yes, I forgot to add a tassel to the fez… I wanted her to have some of the fun?)

I’m thisclose to finishing my Elemental Boatneck—I’m just working on the sleeves, knitting them two at a time, and I’m about halfway done, so VERY SOON. I will have finished another something and will feel slightly less like a failure.

As for my goals, well, you saw what happened with this month’s sock pattern. But I’m back in the saddle for next month, and I hope to be able to make some good headway on next month’s socks over this four day weekend. I’ll be knitting Clandestine by Cookie A, in Malabrigo sock yarn, the Persia colorway, and I’m pretty excited to be pairing a Cookie pattern and Malabrigo. With any luck, I’ll be able to get into the groove with the stitch pattern and take these socks on the go with me. I am, however, moving at the end of the month, so a lot of my time will be spent preparing for that.

As for the yarn buying goal, well, I sort of failed there too this month. (“Failed” being a relative term, because I also feel like I won a whole heck of a lot.) There was the yarn I bought at Estes, and the yarn I bought in an indie dyer update, and then there’s the three skeins of Wollmeise I bought just this morning.

See, it’s really hard to say that I failed.

BUT, some of the yarns I bought this month already have plans. One of the skeins of Wollmeise is the same colorway (obviously different dye lots) of one in my stash already, AND there’s a pattern that I’ve been wanting to make that calls for about 2 skeins of Wollmeise (I was going to use something else, but now I’ve lucked out), so that’s a plan. And as I mentioned earlier, the skein of Skaska lace is going to be an Icarus Shawl. This has to count for something!

I don’t know why I’m justifying things to myself any more, but there you have it.

NEXT MONTH. Next month there will be a pair of socks and no yarn. I have deemed it so. That has to count, right? Right.


4 thoughts on “Month in review: June

    • Knit a long? I plan on winding my yarn tonight, though I’m hoping to finish the sleeves on my pullover before I get distracted with any other knitting projects.

        • Haha two active WIPs, that’s so cute! 😉 Yeah, I’m hoping to cast on my socks this weekend, but we’ll see what happens. There’s still a number of things I wanted to do this weekend and they haven’t happened yet. 😦

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