FO: Elemental Boatneck

Yay, I finally finished something! I know I finished my Rock Island Shawl last month, but it feels like it was so long ago. The days are a-dragging, my friends, which makes me very, very confused that we’re in the back half of 2011.

I used to do this thing where I’d get a new knitting magazine and I’d sit down with a pack of sticky flags and I’d flag every pattern that I wanted to knit. I stopped doing that because I want to knit a lot of patterns and I just can’t keep adding to the self-inflicted pressure to get things done. But the Elemental Boatneck (Rav link) from Hannah Fettig immediately caught my eye. And then I happened to go to one of my favorite online yarn stores, the (sadly) now-defunct Sonny and Shear, and realized that Kris was having a sale on the yarn used in the pattern (Elsebeth Lavold’s Hempathy). So I bought the yarn, and did a swatch, and realized that I was going to need to buy smaller needles (I believe my troubles with loose tensioning are well-documented on this blog). In between getting needles and then moving across country, knitting this sweater sort of fell to the wayside.

But now it’s done and that’s awesome.

Elemental Boatneck

This is a really easy pullover pattern. You knit the body in the round from the bottom up, then separate for the arms, and work the front and back separately. I ended up knitting the sleeves a little shorter than the pattern called for, because I got sick of knitting them (this is becoming a common theme, and does not bode well).

Elemental Boatneck

The lace pattern is really easy (though do your errata research as always, all of the charts for this pattern are slightly off—nothing big, but small errors that will totally throw off the pattern).

I find myself wishing there was some shaping within the body of the pattern, and I probably should have thought of that myself and worked it in, but I didn’t. It’s a boxy sweater, and since I knit it with a little less ease than the pattern calls for (I used a size smaller needles, thanks, tension!), it has a nice drape and skims my torso, but I can always use just a little bit of shaping in my sweaters.

Have you finished any sweaters recently? Share!


6 thoughts on “FO: Elemental Boatneck

  1. looks good!

    Heh, no sweaters. Last time I finished one was… good lord… ummmmm…eight years ago? Last time I put one on the needles… three? However, I stopped knitting for two years, think I lost the pattern, and I know I’ve gained too many pounds to fit into the size I was making anyway, so… yeah…

    No sweaters. 😉

  2. “I used to do this thing where I’d get a new knitting magazine and I’d sit down with a pack of sticky flags and I’d flag every pattern that I wanted to knit.” Heh, that’s exactly what I do! (You can see it in NOVEMBER WHEN YOU VISIT YAY!)

    The sweater looks great. Well done, Panda!

    • I ran out of flags. And then I realized how out of control the old queue is and gave up on that. I figure they’re still be there in a few years! 😉

      Thank you!

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