It’s Harry Potter Day!

Yes, that was my very first thought this morning, when my cat woke me at an ungodly hour because she was hungry (sorry, fuzzmonster, I’ve been busy rewatching Harry Potter movies in anticipation of this evening and the midnight showing; I’m stopping to buy more food on the way home!).

I did a Harry Potter round up when the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released, so I figured I’d continue the “tradition” and post some more of my favorite Wizarding World–inspired knitwear.

I know that everyone and their grandmother has knit a house scarf, but somehow I have yet to do so. I like this thin-striped version, and I especially like Qwertz’s house scarf because she used the correct Ravenclaw colors (it’s been almost unanimously decided that I am a Ravenclaw, and that’s cool, because I love the blue and bronze and am super confused as to why the movies use silver instead).

Phoeny has a bunch of Harry Potter–inspired patterns, but I loved how detailed and amazing her Buckbeak the Hippogriff is.

While watching Deathly Hallows part 1 last night, my friends were remarking that they’d like to knit a hat like Hermione’s in the graveyard of Godric’s Hollow, so I must remember to point them to Melanie Richter’s Hermione’s Hat. It looks so soft and warm, and I imagine with the perfect wool-alpaca blend, it would have some lovely, snow-catching halo happening. Though this is difficult to get behind in the summer.

I want these socks! Ann Kingstone’s fantastic Ravenclaw house socks are beautiful colorwork knee socks (and you know how I feel about knee socks).

I don’t have the yarn to knit those socks just yet (just yet), but I do have He Who Must Not Be Named from the Jimmy Beans Wool/Lorna’s Laces limited editions on its way to me (there’s still a few of the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff inspired colors left; if you’d like to help a knitter out and hook me up with a referral bonus for ordering anything at JBW, list my email address in the referral box—threadpanda, gmail, you know the rest). And I’ve already decided (this was how I justified buying yet more yarn; this, and the fact that these are limited editions) to knit Susan Dittrich’s Nemesis socks in this yarn. While not overtly Harry Potter–related, a) they’re called Nemesis, and what could be better for yarn inspired by He Who Must Not Be Named, and b) the serpentine-esque traveling stitches are evocative of Nagini, yes?

I can barely contain myself for another eight hours until the midnight showing! Thankfully I will have knitting with me.


13 thoughts on “It’s Harry Potter Day!

  1. Yay Harry Potter Day! I actually haven’t knit a House Scarf yet, either. In fact, I don’t think I’ve knit a single HP thing for myself, just for other people. I really want to make two of Hermione’s hats–the Godric’s Hollow Graveyard one and the Eyelets & Cables one from HBP. I have yarn that will work for the second one, but I want to get proper, canon-colored yarn instead. #nerd

  2. Yay! I’m going tomorrow. The best thing about living out in the country is my small country movie theater (manned by a woman who looks about 150 years old) but that means that there is not that many people who go to the movies at any one time! It will probably be packed but I don’t care. I’m so excited for Harry!

    I’d love to say that I’d be a Ravenclaw or Gryphondor but I’m pretty certain I’d be in Slytherin. :/ I am kinda ruthless.

    • I loved going to the old movie theater in my hometown, it used to be an airplane bunker or something (I think it was housed to hold troops between stations during WWII? I can’t remember).

      I feel like I’m mostly between Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. But I’m not nice enough to be Hufflepuff, and I’m too lazy to be in Griffyndor or Slytherin. But I got brains, by golly. 😉

    • I wished there was more of her knitting in the films, too, but I’m also okay with it not being there. Though as my friends and I were knitting while waiting for the movie to start, I did say “it’s totally canon to be knitting at Harry Potter!” 🙂

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  5. I love knitting those scarves. I’ve made several now, though funnily enough none in actual HP colors. If you want, I’ll knit one for you, though you’d have to spring the yarn (wish I could afford to do so myself and surprise you with one, but alas, I cannot).

    • Ooooh I may take you up on that… eventually. I really need to buckle down on my spending for the rest of the month, pre-move. I’ve been a bad panda. 😦

      • I’ve got a few things on my plate that I have to finish, so it wouldn’t be right here and now anyway, but yes, feel free! I love knitting those scarves, they’re soothing to me. Don’t ask me why, I haven’t a clue lol. They just are *shrug*

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