Friday Finds

With regards to the most recent posts regarding the sweaterdress, I’m now thinking that I had a moment of idiocy regarding the idiocy and that I was actually right all along, but that still doesn’t quite make sense to me at this moment. Without a timeturner or a TARDIS, I’m not really able to go back in time and re-examine the process of swatching to figure out exactly what was going on relative to what I think was going on, so I’m going to do what I usually do in this situation and just move on with my life and forge ahead. I realize that’s not entirely helpful, but if you are following along with the “saga,” just ignore those last two posts.

Anyway, it’s Friday, this week has been really long and next week is not going to be much better, I’m looking forward to a weekend of packing and mojitos (hopefully not at the same time though I refuse to limit myself).

  • Samantha Roshak’s Marmoreal Cardigan is a great summery cardi, with short sleeves and a portrait collar. A super simple cable panel adds detail to the fronts.

  • Apparently Sharon Okey is following up her fantastic KnitGrrl’s Guide to Professional Knitwear Design with a series of pattern books, including one specifically for sweaters. I just love Pamela Wynne’s eyecatching Ziggy cardigan—how can you say no to orange herringbone?!

  • Another lovely pattern in Quince & Co yarn, the Alaria Shawl is a lovely triangular shawl worked from the top down in the fingering weight Tern.

  • I just love Kate Bellando’s Rorschach Sweater, perfect for psych majors and Watchmen fans alike. The Rorschach pattern is worked in intarsia, so be sure to twist your yarns to keep those yarn changes tidy.

  • Ruth Garcia-Alcantud is putting together a digital resource for all kinds of seaming. Try following her tutorials before you wash your hands of seaming altogether—I promise, if you get it right, it can be a pretty magical experience.
  • Finally, a blast from the past with this free PDF: Knitter’s Fortune Teller by Kristen Stevenson. Yes, I have printed out one for myself already.


3 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Alaria keeps popping up in my searches and friends’ faves! It’s so pretty! And the fortune teller just snagged one of my very-hard-to-come-by “awesome” tags in my faves.

    • For some reason, Alaria reminds me a lot of Jared Flood’s Rock Island, even though the construction and stitch patterns are different. My brain works in mysterious ways (obviously).

      Yay fortune teller! I still have to cut mine out, and I should probably re-print it on heavier paper, but I plan on having fun with it this weekend.

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