FO: Arroyo Shawl


I took a few moments out of unpacking yesterday to take some pictures of my Arroyo shawl. I have decided I need a photography assistant. Trying to photograph myself with a 50mm lens is really hard.


That aside, this shawl is sooooo lovely. It’s worsted weight yarn with a simple lace border and squishy, scrumptious garter stitch. It’s a quick knit, and a free pattern, so it makes for a perfect non-sock portable project.


The Malabrigo Rios was the perfect yarn choice—soft and lofty with a light spin and fantastic colors. I used the Zarzamora colorway that I bought at Fancy Tiger last month.

Uhm… yeah. I don’t really have too much else to say about this, except that I can’t wait for colder weather so I can actually wear it. Back to unpacking!


7 thoughts on “FO: Arroyo Shawl

  1. I’m not a big fan of taking pictures of myself with a 50mm either. But when you get that one good picture, it’s a bit easier to forget the 100 bad ones.

    And that yarn is lovely. I hadn’t seen it in that color way, but perhaps I wasn’t looking hard enough.

    • I could have used the kit lens, but I am in a love affair with my 50mm and didn’t want to change it. 😉 I think I just need a 20mm or so wide angle, that will solve all my problems, except where to find the $500 for it (I’m looking at a 28mm f/1.8).

      Malabrigo has such lovely colorways, but I wish they’d cross them over the yarns more! For example, Zarzamora seems to be only available on Rios, and Persia seems to only be available on Sock!

    • Not really. I tried setting it up on a stack of boxes (of which I have plenty) and using the timer, but I couldn’t get the focus right–apparently my camera wants something to focus on before I click the button. 😉 I don’t quite know how to get around it, as I have nothing person-height (like a coat rack or SOMETHING) to stand in for me. I tried taping something to the wall, but again, as I am dimensionally-deeper than something taped to the wall, the focus was off.

      • Yes, I had the same problem with focusing while taking timer pics. It still happens with the remote sometimes, but it’s much easier to control.

        Email/DM me the make/model of your camera.

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