Friday Finds

I’m tired and it shows in my babbling.

  • Just in case you were laboring under the delusion that I’m “cool” or something, I’m kicking this off with yet another Star Wars–inspired crochet pattern: an AT-AT Walker (free pattern), most likely remembered from the scenes on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back and in the forests of Endor in Return of the Jedi. Half of you are impressed, the other half are left wondering how we could ever have had a bloggy relationship, I know.

  • More geekery—I just love these pixelated colorwork Dither socks (free pattern). It’s like an old school gradient! It’s awesome! You love it. (Note: you’ll need to know the basics of sock knitting for this “tutorial.”)

  • I love old-fashioned… fashion (words, they escape me), especially when someone says it’s inspired by Audrey Hepburn. That lovely lady knew her way around a wardrobe (or knew someone who did, I don’t know). Mary Weaver’s Audrey Pullover (published in Knits that Fit from Potter Craft)features a skimming silhouette and adorable off-center button placket.

  • Even more geekery! Amy van de Laar has worked up a pattern for Amy Pond’s scarf from Doctor Who (free pattern). I plan on knitting one of these for someone special, though I’ve got fingering weight instead of lace in mind (that Frost Flowers stitch pattern is fiddly enough without adding in laceweight that likes to slide around). I am definitely going to use Amy van de Laar’s charts, though!


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. What awesome Friday Finds. They certainly reaffirm my bloggy relationship with you.
    My kids would duel with knitting needles to get an at-at walker. They call them chicken walkers.

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