FO: Whippoorwill Shawl

I think that, if it hadn’t been for my favorites-stalking of some friends, I may not have knit Whippoorwill on my own. This is a gorgeous shawl pattern, but it’s not really my personal aesthetic.


But it popped up in a few of my friends’ favorites on Ravelry, so I bought the pattern, and there may be a couple of people reading this who receive a Whippoorwill in the future. This particular version was supposed to be a friend’s birthday gift, but she’s been going through a rough time lately, and I needed a project that wasn’t socks (I’m still working on my socks, but sometimes a girl needs to knit something else) and was portable, so another shawl moved to the top of the list. Added bonus, this yarn was already wound, and my swift and ball winder are currently living with someone else (I need to get those back soon).


I had the hardest time keeping my stitch counts right. I don’t know what happened, or where I was screwing up, but I would frequently be just a few stitches over or under on rows where I needed to have a particular stitch count. Thankfully, I’ve gotten pretty good at flubbing stitch counts and making things work.


The yarn is Shibui Knits Sock in a purple semi-solid and a wild orange-pink multi. I used the whole skein of purple and about 75% of the orange multi to knit the smallest version of Whippoorwill. It’s a good little shoulder-shawlette size. I also wonder how it would look worn bandit-style. I didn’t get any modeled photos of this, as I set it out to block before I picked up my mother from the airport and from that point on I was pretty busy, but hopefully I can convince my friend to model it for me.

I really can’t look at crescent shawls without thinking of Cylon Raiders.


8 thoughts on “FO: Whippoorwill Shawl

    • Thanks! These colors spoke to me of being representative of my friend, so I hope she digs them and that I’m not entirely off base. 😀

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