Friday Finds

This has been a crazy week! My day job kept me out of the office and away from the internet Monday through Wednesday, and then I got back yesterday to realize that I have 8 business days before my next deadline. Eeek! But tomorrow begins a three-day weekend, a weekend in which I hope to get a lot of stuff done to and around my apartment, stuff that’s been hanging over my head since I moved in a month ago, so I don’t mind giving up most of three days away from work for some peace of mind and a comfy, cozy, more complete space for evenings and future weekends at home.

Any big plans for your weekend? If you need some pattern inspiration, look no further.

  • Many people along the East coast have been affected in some way by Irene. Vermont designer (and one of my favorites!) Amy Christoffers is donating 100% of the proceeds from her Ravelry sales to help fund relief for Vermont’s farmers. Big cities aren’t the only places negatively impacted by natural disasters, or even just nature in general—Quince and Co. posted a blog about how hot weather was impacting the sheep industry. So if you can, take a look at Amy’s designs and read more about why she’s doing this.
  • Megi’s Staccato Mamba (free) is a colorblock shawl that uses intarsia to form an eye-catching design.

  • I love the twisty cables on the crown of Uskglass (£3) that flow into the smaller cabled rib and picot hem around the brim. Great design planning there by Fiona Barnett.

  • Jeannie Cartmel is back with another fantastic sock pattern: Threaded ($6), a study in twisty, criss-crossing cables.

  • I love the movie Penelope, and I’ve been obsessed with the iconic scarf Christina Ricci wears throughout the movie, and now there’s a pattern, so I don’t have to figure it out myself, one day. Penelope Cobblestone Scarf (free) by Jennifer Moretti.

  • Twirl (free) is another sock pattern, I know, but it’s got all those pretty stitches!

  • A cute, asymmetrical cardigan with a leafy yoke is one thing. Wild Berries (€4.50) by Svetlana Volkova takes it a step further by turning the knitting on it’s axis (so you’re knitting side-to-side instead of top to bottom) and throwing some sweet garter stitch in there for accent.


4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Okay seriously, I’m going to have to hire you to knit me all of the things you keep Finding*. Because this is getting out of hand. :-p

    (Love the Finds, obvs.)

    *Please to be noting the capital letter, as this is a new word. Finding (v): The act of finding awesome knitting things online and then posting them on one’s blog, usually on Fridays.

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