Just add water



I cast on for these on Thursday evening. I finished them last night.


Another way of looking at these is that they took one viewing of Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking and one viewing of Pride and Prejudice (the more recent version, not the 5 hour long mini-series; I could have knit another pair in amount of time!). Right now they’re pretty fantastically 1980s-style slippers. After I felt them, though, I feel like they’ll be more muted and less Tiffany.

I have long feet, and the instructions stop at size 9/10 (which isn’t quite long enough), so along the sole, I added an extra two rows to the 9/10 size in the “add length here” section, and another four rows to the 9/10 size for the tops of the slippers.

Now I just need to find a washing machine. I’m tempted to try felting in my building’s washer, but it a) only runs for 30 minutes at a time and b) is coin operated and c) I’m not sure about opening it mid-cycle to check the status.


4 thoughts on “Just add water

  1. You could always try doing it by hand, I suppose, using a plunger, really hot water, and your tub… but that might be way more labor intensive than you’d want lol

    • I could do that… but I’m not going to. 😀 I know enough people with top-loading washing machines, I just need permission to use the washer and a way to get to someone’s house.

  2. They’re going to be so pretty when they’re finished!

    I’ve felted small things by hand before. It’s harder than with a washing machine, but not too bad. Might depend on how easily that particular yarn felts.

    • It’s Cascade 220, which will felt pretty nicely, but no. I’ve got enough home improvement projects to do that I don’t need to add “spend an hour or so doing nothing but churning wool” to the list. 😀

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