FO: Amy’s Scarf

Not this Amy; Amy Pond, from Doctor Who. It’s very confusing, but quite nice when the Doctor and Rory are speaking fondly of Amy—I just imagine it’s me! Yes, I know, I need to get out more.


See, my dear friend Ashley is having a birthday later this month. And I was going to knit her a certain something (not telling you what, she will, after all, have more birthdays), but then in a recent Friday Finds, in which I was babbling about the Frost Flowers stitch pattern, she pointed out that a scarf worn by Amy Pond in early episodes of series 5 of the new Doctor Who also featured that stitch pattern. I was going to create a scarf pattern for her, but then Amy van de Laar (we are some clevery Amys) did the work for me. (And yes, Ashley knows all about this present.)


If you’re interested in a scarf using the Frost Flowers pattern, I recommend Amy’s Scarf, because it’s free and Amy (the pattern designer, not Companion or Panda) provides charts for the stitch pattern. And don’t let it fool you—this stitch pattern is actually relatively easy. There are four rows that are worked three times to form the first half of the stitch pattern, and then another four rows (which are the same as the first set, just off-set a bit to stagger the patterns) worked another three times. So a twenty-four row repeat is really only eight rows in total. You can do it!


Letting go of this scarf was a little difficult, because I just loved the way it turned out. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock in the Ravelry Red colorway, and it’s just perfect for this sort of project. Because I used a heavier yarn than the pattern calls for, I got away with doing fewer repeats and ending up with a longer and wider scarf. Post-blocking (and finding a place to lay out this scarf while keeping the pins away from the cat was an adventure), the scarf measures about 80″ long and 9″ wide, unstretched.


I want to make another for myself, but I think I’ll go even heavier, with a worsted weight yarn, in a gold color (I have some of this lying around my house, that’s why I’m thinking about that). Or I’ll see if there’s any purple Chickadee leftover from my sweater dress (more on that soon, I promise). Or, or, or.


12 thoughts on “FO: Amy’s Scarf

      • It really sucked this morning when I had to take it off to shower. I didn’t manage to actually make it into bed last night, I just crashed on the couch, still wrapped up in the awesomeness. And I’ve already gotten a number of compliments today!

        • You’re too cute! I suppose you could take it into the shower with you but a) awkward and b) blocking that out again and waiting for it to dry would be counter productive.

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