Friday Finds

Happy first official day of Fall! One of the things I love about living in Colorado is that there’s a definite difference between the seasons; on the flip side, that definite difference always makes me a little sick, so I’m planning to spend this weekend hanging out in my pajamas, hopefully getting a lot of knitting done. I got a little sidetracked by nail polish this week and got nothing done; and by nothing, I mean I only knit about 40 yds of yarn. Between two projects. Oops. But my nails look awesome!


  • You all know I’m a sucker for stranded colorwork, and this hat is no exception. I have no idea what the motifs on the Uppländsk Fågelkrans hat ($5) are, but I love them.

  • I know a lot of my friends love the Miette Cardigan by Andi Satterlund. I do too, but I’m not sure about cropped cardigans on my body. Andi’s newest pattern Agatha ($6.50) is another cropped cardigan, but I think it would be pretty easy to add some length to this sweater.

  • Jared Flood over at Brooklyn Tweed has another knitting eBook available, simply titled Fall. This time he teams up with Leila Raabe and Michele Wang to create a collection of crisp fall knits. My faves are Ashby and Peabody.

  • Derya at Laylock is at it again, this time with the stunning Cornflower Garden Hat (£3). As always, Derya’s attention to detail is breathtaking, mirroring the cornflower stitch in the tassels and making this a super customizable hat with the drawstring band (or, as she points out, a little carry-all bag!).

  • Apparently I’m a little obsessed with motorcycle-jacket styling, and Cirilia Rose and the Berroco team are on top of that. Andre is a FREE jacket pattern. Just look at those lapels! And the stitch definition! And structure! I’m swooning, people. Swooning!

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. *sigh* That BT Fall 11 totally redeems my faith in him after the WP disappointment. I would wear any of those knits and may make a few of them. (I just wish the patterns weren’t so spendy!)

    • I find that spendy patterns make me actually look in all of the magazines and books I have, so I’m okay with spendy patterns. 😀

    • He does have an amazing and well-developed aesthetic that is sort of jealousy inducing. I can’t even make my store-bought wardrobe have any sort of cohesiveness!

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