Knit-a-long: Chambourcin

Back in July, I mentioned Ruth Garcia-Alcantud’s Chambourcin sweater in a Friday Finds. I immediately fell in love with the idea of a lacy hoodie—they’re season-spanning, probably a fast knit (I find that fingering weight yarn on size 5s goes fast, but maybe I just have a warped sense of time), feminine and cute but never quite twee.

All photos © Ruth Garcia-Alcantud unless otherwise noted

And then there was Ruth’s post about Chambourcin over on her blog, Rock and Purl. The amount of detail and thought that went into not only the design of the sweater but also into describing the sweater to a knitter totally sold me on making this the first pattern by Ruth that I would knit (her Montview Cardigan from Knitscene and Nordic Yoke Pullover from Vogue Knitting are also in my queue). Just look at this example from her detail post.

I purchased the pattern during a sale Ruth was having a few weeks ago, and then bought the yarn: Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock in Berry Tart. Here, have a terrible photo I took of it (purples and reds are SO HARD).

Sweet Georgia

AND THEN, I saw Ruth mentioned on Twitter that Chambourcin was in the running to be the Quarter 4 knitalong for the Official Sexy Knitters Club on Ravelry. And it won! So now I’m determined to knit this sweater before the end of the year, and I feel I should pull someone into this adventure with me. Ruth’s offered a coupon code in the KAL thread on Ravelry, so if you have some fingering weight yarn lying about and an itch to knit a perfect layering piece, join me and the other Official Sexy Knitters!

One skein of Berry Tart and two other purple skeins to wind tonight. My yarn bin is going to look even more like a grape.


7 thoughts on “Knit-a-long: Chambourcin

    • I was winding the first skein last night and the pretty yarn and the way it felt in the ball infected me with the itch to cast on RIGHT THEN, but then I decided I needed to be a good Panda and knit a gauge swatch first (and then got distracted by the project actually ON the needles; how rude). Hopefully I’ll get to that tonight!

  1. It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to see your finished version. I, sadly, will not be knitting along, as all personal knitting (with the exception of accessories) has been tossed aside in favor of baby-growing. Seems foolish to knit something that may or may not fit one day, based on previous sized, or future projections. I am adding this to my short list of things I want to knit eventually, though.

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