FO: Felicity Hat

I have been trying to get photos of this hat for days. Finally I gave up yesterday and took some crappy webcam shots with my new hat, Felicity.

Felicity is a free pattern and a fast knit, great for gift knitting!

I knit Felicity mostly as instructed, using size 5 needles for the lower portion, but going up to size 8s for the top. If I knit this again, and the only reason I don’t say that with certainty is because I have a lot of hat patterns in my queue, I would probably use size 6s for the lower portion—the hat is stretchy and fits as is, but just a little bit more ease around my forehead would be perfect. The hat took about 4 hours to knit from start to finish, or roughly two movies, which is how I tell time these days.

The yarn is Roman Hills, a new yarn company created by a couple friends of mine. The colorway is Frankie (as in Frankenstein), on Gruber, their worsted weight, which clocks a punch at 225 yds. I used just over half a skein to knit this hat, so now I have to figure out what to do with about 100 yds of leftover worsted weight.


There needed to be at least one decent photo in this bunch.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m knitting up a Baby Surprise Jacket and I think I might finish it today, humming “More than meets the eye” the whole way. I only wish I was joking.


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