Friday Finds

Today is a pretty awesome day. Not only is it the last Friday in October, the last Friday before Halloween, the last Friday before the “holy heck the holidays are around the corner” mania kicks in (unless, of course, it’s already done so for you), and the day before a friend and I attend a class by none other than Ysolda Teague down in Denver, but today is also the anniversary of the Friday Finds! Fifty-two or so weeks of hunting down my favorite new knitting patterns and news and sharing them with all of you. Thanks for sticking around and occasionally contributing to the madness!

  • Carrie Bostick Hoge’s Liesl Cowl ($5) is a chunky cabled cowl with a large braided pattern. Knit flat and then seamed, I have to assume the length is adjustable to make it as long and loopy as you like.

  • Courtenay ($3.50) is a sweet little tam designed in Sweet Georgia’s Superwash Worsted (and you know I love Sweet Georgia). Simple lace and a nice slouch end in delightful crown shaping.

  • That kooky Cat Bordhi with her constant revisions to the concept of sock knitting has recently published an eBook on featuring her Sweet Tomato heel. I have yet to try out this heel construction, but I fell in love with her Victorian Birdcage socks ($6 for the pattern, $20 for the eBook with 8 patterns total). Has anyone tried out this heel construction? What did you think?

  • A few of my favorite designers—Elinor Brown, Kirsten Kapur, and Amy Herzog—teamed up to create The Charles Collection, ten patterns by these amazing designers. Guess what I’ve just added to my Christmas wish list. I think my early favorite is Fenway, because I am a sucker for twisted stitches and “need” more mittens.

  • One thought on “Friday Finds

    1. some interesting finds this week. I’ve given up on the madness this year. Even with all the time in the world, I don’t have the means to do anything, so am going to focus on making what I can and keeping it for next year in the hopes there’ll be enough to go around then.

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