Month in Review: October

Ten months down, and only two to go! That thought kind of gives me a headache.

So, this month, lots accomplished this month. One project finished early on that I can’t show you yet (and still need to photograph, now that I think about it).

My Elise shawl.


My Snicket socks.


My Felicity Hat.

And a Baby Surprise Jacket that I will post about very soon. It’s so cute! So much more than meets the eye! No, that will not get old.

I think next month I may knit Nutkin socks. I’m doing some traveling and they would probably be a good on-the-go pattern. PLUS, I’m hoping to bang out at least most of a sweater—I’ve started swatching for Chambourcin, so hopefully that will go well.

I’m not even going to discuss the yarn. Oi.

How was your October? Hopefully your November is excellent!


2 thoughts on “Month in Review: October

  1. You had an amazingly productive month! Well done, babe! I keep coming back to Nutkin; might be one of my next socks, if I ever finish at least one of the pairs I have in progress. Or get Startitis and say screw the WIPs!

    • I know! It’s insane! I think it’s the cold. There’s something about a dip in temperatures that makes me want to KNIT ALL THE THINGS.

      Also, I cheated, because I needed a project to work on today while I was off-site from work all day, so I started my Nutkins, and they’re a fast and memorable pattern, I’m already half-way down the cuff.

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