Friday Finds

There have been some great patterns popping up on Ravelry this week, so I had to do some culling from my original Friday Finds list. A few of those I cut from this week will show up next week; I do love weeks when there’s “too much” awesome knitting to fit into one reasonable post.

  • Ariane Caron-Lacoste’s Aubépine ($6) is a short sleeve tee with a simple cable repeat, perfect for variegated yarns and layering over long-sleeve shirts in winter (sorry, any Southern Hemisphere readers, but we’ve gotten over a foot of snow so far this winter, I am a smidge biased).

  • I love wearing tights and skirts in the winter, but I hate having cold legs and have long been contemplating the legwarmers (stop snickering). Derya Davenport’s Rambler legwarmers (free) are cute and unobtrusive and look oh so warm.

  • I love the simplicity of the stitch pattern in Lauren Fréhel’s Phacelia wrap (€4). She’s knit the sample in a dreamy silk merino blend; I’m picturing it upsized in in a lofty single (maybe Malabrigo sock or something similar) with slightly large needles. I think we’d both be winners.

  • The Knitter, a magazine based out of Bath, England, is a magazine I always look forward to seeing. It’s hard to find in the US, and there’s no preview, nor do the patterns routinely show up in Ravelry, but there are two patterns that have popped up from their 38th issue, and I’m a little in love with both of them. The first is Grace, a classically tailored cardigan with beautiful colorwork around the color and fronts.

    And the second is Gray, a simple, slouchly, chevron-y cardigan.

    Thankfully, Zinio carries The Knitter, so if I see at least one more pattern pop up that I love from this issue, I will have a way to purchase it.

  • Jared Flood is at it again with a new yarn, Loft, and an accompanying pattern collection. Based on the description of the yarn, it sounds fairly comparable to Harrisville Designs New England Shetland, which I used to knit the only mittens I own. Traditional shetland-style “jumper” wool is not typically comfy right against the skin, but is AMAZING for colorwork and cables, and I would love to get my hands on a few skeins of Loft, especially to knit Burnham ($5.50)…

    …or get some incredible stitch definition in Jaffrey ($6)

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