FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

The number one thing on my to-do list this week is to mail this Baby Surprise Jacket to the expectant mother. Hopefully, by posting about it here, I will remember to actually do this. My brain, it is elsewhere.


I referred to this as a Transformer in an earlier blog post, and really, I can’t come up with a better description. It’s all kinds of crazy wonky before the shoulders are seamed. Part of me wishes I could climb inside Elizabeth Zimmermann’s head while she was designing this to see what she was thinking. Part of me is terrified of that prospect.

But once it’s seamed, it’s as cute as can be and more than a little magical.


I worked the stripes in four-row repeats, which worked out perfectly fine until I got to the little butt flap on the back (if you’ve knit this, you know what I’m talking about). Thankfully, though, it sort of hides itself, and I don’t think the baby is going to be too judgmental about a few extra rows in the “wrong” color.


I only worked four button holes because I wasn’t sure which buttons I was going to use. I ended up using these cute little daisies that I’d picked up a few years ago. I love them with this jacket. Love them.


And because we can’t not have a modeled shot…


I would definitely knit another Baby Surprise Jacket, and there’s a few babies in the works, but I’ve got some other baby sweater patterns queued. Knitting for babies is awesome—they can’t really complain when they don’t like the color of something, and everything goes so fast!


4 thoughts on “FO: Baby Surprise Jacket

  1. I haven’t knit the magic which is a BSJ yet, but now may be the time to do so… especially after seeing this. So cute! And holy origami sweater! It baffles me that anyone could design something so clever.

    • I kept thinking “What was she drinking?!” when I was knitting this. Aside from pondering the way Elizabeth Zimmermann’s brain worked, it’s pretty mindless knitting. 😀

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