Friday Finds

This Friday Finds is brought to you by the letter B and beignets. And texture. Lots of texture. And gelato. Really, just delicious food that’s making it very hard to stay awake right now (well, that and vacation narcolepsy), so we’re going to do the abbreviated version of the Friday Finds.

  • Mariee socks ($4) by Allison Janocha

  • Maya Cardigan ($5) by Romy Kremers

  • Berry Zigzag Throw (free) by Katherine Eng (Crochet)

  • Bowties Are Cool socks (free) by Mandie Harrington

  • I really kind of want A Stitch In Time Volume 2 (£35) by Susan Crawford. So many great vintage patterns that have ben updated. Thirty-five pounds is a bit steep in general, but when there’s 80 patterns… Yeah that’s kind of a deal. Fave patterns include Lady’s Evening Jumper (pictured), Kasha, Tri-Cable Stitch Jumper, Charming Neckline, and A Pretty Frilled Jumper.

  • Inselberg socks (€5) by Manuela Burkhardt

  • White Light (€4.90) by Veera Välimäki.

  • Work+Shelter Hand Warmers ($2) by Allyson Dykhuizen

  • First Snow Mittens ($3.50) by yellowcosmo


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