Friday Finds

Can you believe that November is half-gone already? It’s been such a blur! There’s only one Friday Finds left in the month!

  • I usually don’t like to post patterns that aren’t currently available for sale, but I’ve loved the peeks at this California Revival Knits book by Stephannie Tallent that I’m including it anyway. See all the patterns on Ravelry; my favorites are the Peacock Cowl and Stole, Quatrefoil Mitts (pictured), and Wrought Iron Cardigan and Socks. Pre-order the book and digital edition ($26.95) or just the digital ($16.95) at Cooperative Press.

  • Yeah, so I have a bit of a colorwork theme happening this week. I just love the little flowers on Rebecca Stromgren’s Flaming Katy ($3).

  • Zephyr ($7) by Tori Gurbisz is a sweet little cardigan with simple detail and toggle clasps. Oooh, toggles.

  • There’s a new issue of Tangled magazine out! My favorites include Marilyn (pictured), Carats, and Harmony.

  • I don’t feel the need to knit a giant jacket like this, but I had to include Cherry Blossom Haori ($6) by Denise Powell for the beautiful intarsia work.

  • I love a lot of Stefanie van der Linden’s patterns, though the only one I’ve started knitting is Spina di Pesci (we had an argument, it’s languishing in my WIP bin). Her newest pattern, leaflace (€5), has been added to the queue as well.


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