Sweater day: About halfway finished

So the crappy phone photo I posted last week was off the finished back piece of my Chambourcin. Ashley and I were dashing out the door to hit up a farmer’s market, pick up Amanda from the airport, go to the Renaissance festival, and then hang out at Erin’s apartment and watch Harry Potter, so I wasn’t going to have any other time to post; apologies for the rush job.

This week has much better photos and a bit more progress to boot.


So the back is done, with the back neck stitches held on waste yarn, and I’ve finished the “shaping” of the front (the shaping in this sweater is achieved by needle size changes; I think this is the first time I’ve used that method for shaping) and am a few rows away from separating for the front neck drop.


At knitting group on Thursday, Nicole commented that it looked like I hadn’t made much progress since she’d last seen the sweater. Well, what she’d seen was the back, and I was working on the front. This is zipping along quite a bit, and I find I’d rather work on this than on my sock, but I’m still making progress on the second Nutkin, so hopefully I’ll still finish it before the end of November.


I am loving the way the unblocked lace looks, all puffy and texture-y and scrunchy. Obviously I will end up blocking this sweater—I’m actually hoping to finish the front before Thursday, so they can block while I’m at Thanksgiving festivities and I can seam them up on Friday to see how it fits and if I need to rework anything. But I’m thinking I might knit a lacy scarf or something and totally forego blocking. It’s so pretty!



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