Sock Status Sunday

As I mentioned yesterday, my sock knitting mojo has been usurped by my sweater knitting mojo—I separated the fronts last night and began shaping the right armhole this morning. But I have been working away on my second Nutkin sock as well, progress just seems to be slower than befits this pattern.

Thankfully I had some time in a car yesterday, as a passenger, so I had some time to work along and got a few repeats in. Three more repeats to go on the cuff and I can start the heel!

On this second sock, I’m mirroring the pattern from the first sock.

I tend to prefer mirrored patterns for things that come in pairs, like my mittens from last year (I had to read the chart backwards to get the mirror effect, as the mitten pattern is supposed to slant the same way on both mittens). I don’t exactly know why, I just know that I do. So for this second sock, on the first row of the pattern, I’m knitting 9 sts, k2tog, knitting 3 stitches, and then working a yarnover. Well, I would be working the yarnover, except that would create very loose purl stitches, so I’m picking up the yarn over on the second row.

Here’s a closer look at the mirrored patterns.

What about you, do you prefer perfect symmetry or mirrored patterns?


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