Book Review: The Knitter’s Life List

Like most knitters, I think, I love a good book full of information and patterns. But sometimes I tend to overlook, on first glance, those books that may be lacking in patterns for whatever reason. Unless it’s a knitting history book, for some reason I do grab those.

I first picked up Gwen W. Steege’s The Knitter’s Life List and had that “eh” reaction. “Why do I need a book to create a list for me? Have you seen my queue?!” But I kept coming back to it as something to flip through, and finally I did. Last night, right before I planned to review it, because that’s just how I roll. And this book requires a more in-depth look than I can really give it, having flipped through it after I started taking NyQuil last night (fighting off a cold). While it’s lacking in new patterns, The Knitter’s Life List is a fantastic resource of inspiration and brief insights into different aspects of the craft we love. It’s organized into eleven sections, including “The Yarn Life List,” “The Sweater Life List,” The Socks Life List,” etc. Each section is packed, and begins with a check list of sorts—the Yarn Life List, for example, includes different fibers to try, and the Sweater Life List includes different sweater constructions to knit, as well as movies and books that somehow relate to sweaters. The lists also include people to “meet” and those people are introduced in short bios throughout the chapter.

If you enjoy books that are full of information about a particular subject, such as Clara Parkes’s Knitter’s Book of Socks, you should take a peek through The Knitter’s Life List. While more broad and less in-depth than any of Parkes’s books, the sections in Steege’s book provides concise, at-a-glance information relevant to each section—the Socks Life List includes tutorials on Kitchener stitch and a variety of cast-ons, for example.

Again, I haven’t had the chance to poke around this book as much as I would like, but from a pretty quick, NyQuil-laced glance, I can tell that this is a fantastic reference and inspiration book for knitters of all skill levels and years of experience.


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