Sock Status Sunday: DONE!

Putting my Chambourcin on hold to block and try on the body meant I had a lot of free time on Wednesday evening. Free time plus a disc of Criminal Minds season 6 meant a second finished sock for a complete pair of Nutkins.


As I mentioned last Sunday, I opted to mirror the pattern on the second sock, and I’m really happy with that decision.


Another easy pattern to knit, I didn’t realize that the patterning would make the socks twist like crazy. They’re relatively straight in the photographs, but that’s because I had to fight with them every time I shifted positions. I only mention this so that if you plan on knitting this pattern and then wearing them with a skirt or short/pegged pants, this might be something that drives you crazy.


I love the yarn; this is the first time I’ve knit with any Madelinetosh yarn, I think, and I’m glad that I have some more in my stash. I’m sad that the color (Skinnamarink) was a limited edition, as I would totally buy more. The way the colors shift and play together in the pattern is so pretty.


After I finished these, I started working on two different baby projects, so hopefully there will be some more FOs to share soon. And now I’m off to rip back a sweater front. Wish me luck!


4 thoughts on “Sock Status Sunday: DONE!

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  2. you mean they keep moving when you wear them? That’d be annoying *frowns*. I was considering these as my next attempt at socks, but if that’s the case, then I’m not so sure… that would drive me bonkers.

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