Month in Review: November

For most of November, there wasn’t necessarily a great amount of projects finished—only one so far, actually—but there was a lot of progress made!

I did finish this month’s pair of socks…


…and knit the back and then the front of a sweater, and then re-knit the separate fronts (I did manage to rip and re-knit the second front in a bit of Criminal Minds marathoning).


In between finishing the socks and waiting for sweater pieces to dry, I cast on for a couple of small baby photos. One is another Due North that has no photographic evidence yet, and the other is a Little Star Afghan that is enticing my cat like no other project ever has.


And then there was too much yarn, and I won’t talk more about that, but I will share this (which isn’t all of the yarn, as some of it hasn’t arrived and some hasn’t been photographed).

Too many yarns

That was my November! For December’s socks, I think I’m going to revisit January’s debacle and knit the Wishbone Socks, as my friend was able to whip the yarn into shape and it is now ready for use. Of course, I also want to finish the two baby items I started and try to add in at least one baby cardigan so I can hand them to a friend in person at the end of the month, so we’ll see what ends up happening.


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