Friday Finds: Holiday Edition

Yes. I am one of those people who gets stupidly excited about the Christmas holiday. You’re just going to have to deal with it. In honor of this being the first Friday of December, this week’s Friday Finds are themed! A lot of these would be wonderful stash-busting projects, good if you’re trying to use up some loose ends or make more room for new yarns in 2012.

  • Christmas Favorites ($6) is an eBook by Jenna Krupar with four different classic Christmas ornaments to knit. My faves are the Let It Snowmen and Run Gingerbread Man.

  • Another collection of ornament patterns Colorwork Christmas Ornaments ($5) is a collection of 7 different stranded colorwork patterns to add to your tree.

  • For those who prefer to crochet or just need some quick decorations, this Amigurumi Christmas Tree ($3.10) with it sequin baubles is just adorable.

  • Jack Frost is not traditionally only for Christmas, more of a winter figure, and I fell in love with this Jack Frost figure (free) that could be an adorable addition to a tree or just a general decoration.

  • After living off pots of tea while I was sick, I’ve decided that I need a tea cosy like nobody’s business. These Christmas Tea Cosies (free) are too cute for words.

  • Know someone who has been a bit naughty? Knit them an explanatory dischloth to help wash the stains away. Dear Santa, I can Explain dishcloth ($2).

  • Finishing off with some more Christmas ornaments, “General Hogbuffer’s” Balls Up (free) features general instructions for knitting the shape, as well as variations for stripes and a Fair Isle pattern. There’s even a blank chart if you want to design your own pattern for your ornament.

  • Update! I just came across this post from Derya, offering adorable free gift-knitting tags in the shape of mittens. I love Derya’s aesthetic, and if I knew anyone who needed mittens this Christmas, they would probably get these tags. But I’m the only one I know who needs mittens. And I don’t really need mittens, I just want them.

2 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Holiday Edition

    • It is a neat border! I wonder if it really helps with edges curling or if it’s mostly decorative–do washcloth borders curl? You can tell how many I’ve knit.

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