Sort of Sweaterday

It is Saturday, and I do have a sweater update, but it’s kind of boring, so mostly, I’m going to talk about today’s trip to Denver for the Holiday Handmade craft fair and the Denver Christkindl Market.

Just to get this out of the way, sweater progress. I spent this week trying to finish up a couple of other projects, one of which I did finish last night and another needs more yarn, so I’m waiting on that. This morning I wound up the third skein of Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock and cast on for the sleeves, two at a time style. I made a good amount of progress for only knitting in the car to and from Denver.


But it’s hard to see how much progress because it’s stockinette and curling like crazy. Trust me. Progress.

I was able to make a good amount of progress because the weather was very wintry this morning. It snowed again overnight and this morning, and as Erin is the only one among those of us on the trip today with all-wheel drive AND studded tires, she drove, while I sat in the back seat and worked on sleeves (Laura was with us and she as up front knitting a washcloth, in case you were wondering why I was in the back). We picked up Lizz on the way and hit up the Holiday Handmade market.

This was our third time to the market, and we’ve seen it grow from a church basement into a proper events center. This year, it felt as though there were fewer vendors, and the weather probably kept a lot of fairgoers away until later in the afternoon, so today’s experience was a lovely change of pace from previous years, where we were packed like sardines in and among the various booths. I purchased a few goods, but they are presents for other people who may actually read this blog from time to time, so I won’t discuss them further.

The Biscuit Bus was also out front this year; that was actually our first stop, because we were cold and hungry and needed fortifications before heading into the market.

After the market, we drove a little ways to the 16th Street Mall area and the Denver Christkindl Market. I bought another gift here, but it’s still wrapped in its protective packaging, so I will also not be showing you that. I will however show you the mug I bought from Polish Pottery Outlet.


I just love it! All of their designs were amazingly beautiful but this one kept calling to me. This motif may also end up on a sweater or something.

I also bought this adorable chicken ornament. It reminds me of my maternal grandparents’ house at Christmas and a few ornaments my mom has.


AND THEN there was the panda matryoshka dolls. They had to come home with me. HAD TO.


Now I’m going to go home, pop in a movie, possibly finish decorating my tree (right now there’s just a chicken ornament, so I guess I should say start decorating), and curl up with this little monster.


I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


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