Friday Finds

Last-minute, hopefully quick gifts to knit ahoy!

  • Stitch this up in crochet (does go fast!) and sew it onto a thrifted bag or maybe a cardigan back? Lots of options with this Irish Crochet Lace and bag (free) from Chinami Horiba. (You can crochet the bag too, if you’re super speedy at crochet!)

  • Laceweight yarn on size 10 needles? Yeah, this should be fast. Molehill ($6) by Mer Almagro.

  • Super pretty, with a soft halo, a good shawl to knit for people who love a little fluff in their life. Bajka ($4.50) by Aga Paulina.

  • Sweet and flowy, the Berlioz Shawl ($6) by Corrina Ferguson isn’t the fastest knit on here, but it is one of the prettiest (who am I kidding, they’re all pretty).

  • I love the mosaic, tile-like look of the Lady of Swords shawl ($5) by Po Lena.

  • A worsted weight cowl is always quick to knit and fun to gift. The Dovetail Cowl ($5) by Carina Spencer is available in two sizes.

  • Finally, simple stockinette with a bit of texture and small stripes would be fast with easy customization in a giftee’s favorite colors. Rondure Shawl ($6) by Shannon Squire.


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