FO: Chambourcin

It’s done! The photos are terrible. Still, here’s a taste of what it looks like. I’m hoping to snag my friend’s husband to take some proper shots later next week. Here’s my Chambourcin.


The bottom edge is a bit roll-y, but it is stockinette and it does have to deal with my belly, so I’m not terribly surprised. And I really need to remember to add length to my sweaters. This is a common problem I have, but I just get impatient and want these pieces to be done already and then they end up just a smidgen short.

Not so short that I will not be living in this sweater for the next few months. Oh no. I have a wonderful collection of camisoles to wear under it, no problem there.


As you can see, I also need to do some work on the neckline edge. I’ll probably hit it with a steam iron, though likely not until I get to my parents’ house, as tonight and tomorrow morning are a little busy with last minute travel preparations and trying to finish a baby cardigan before I leave (because I’m insane).

The yarn (Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock in the Berry Tart colorway) is awesome and so soft. I love the way the colors flowed together throughout the whole project. The pattern (Chambourcin by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud) is wonderfully written, with clear directions for every step of the way. And it’s easy to modify this to fit your body. The pattern is intended to be knit with a bit of negative ease at the bust to help keep the fronts separate and open. Based on my measurements and the fact that I carry most of my weight in front, if I’d just knit the 46¼” I may have ended up with a bit of positive ease. To combat this and knit more to my measurements, I knit the 42½” size for the back and the 46¼” size for the front, and it worked out perfectly (horizontally, anyway, ignoring the aforementioned length issues that I have).

And just for fun, here’s a wider shot with sneaky Vera photobomb. She could not be more bored.



7 thoughts on “FO: Chambourcin

    • Thanks! Yeah, it becomes kind of addicting. I’m torn between a bulky weight cardigan or a sport weight cardigan next. 😀

  1. Go Amy!! If you still have leftover yarn, a row or 2 of single crochet along the bottom will help stabilize it. And the neckline issue will just go away with steam. The color is so reminiscing of the colorway I made the original with! Luscious yarn too, can see why you want to keep it on at all times.

    Thanks for the lovely words about my pattern details and writing. 🙂

    • Oh, that’s an excellent tip on the single crochet! I do have extra yarn, about a third of one skein and another entire skein left, so plenty to do a couple rows of crochet. Thanks!

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