Friday Finds

Maybe you’re rushing around trying to finish gifting (dare we go so far as to say finish gift knitting?). Maybe you, like me, have given up gifting knitted items to people who live in pseudo-tropical climates (though I did say I’d knit an earflap hat for my dad for those few times when he might go some place cold and needs his ears kept warm). If you’re in my camp, hopefully you’re enjoying today by knitting selfishly for yourself—I finally cast on for this month’s pair of socks. You know, with ten days left, that sounded like a good idea. Ten days of no work? This can totally happen.

Whatever you’re up to today, here’s a short and sweet Friday Finds. I’ve got socks to knit and family to hug. Not simultaneously, I don’t think they’d appreciate a needle tip in the back.

  • Normally I go with the fake, pre-lit tree, but this does have a certain appeal! Giant wool Christmas tree, story by the Daily Mail.
  • Please take a peek at Gabrielle Henry’s Faultline shawl ($4). One dollar from every sale goes directly to the Red Cross New Zealand, and the Kiwis, still recovering from the massive earthquakes earlier this year, just had smaller quakes in the Christchurch area this week.

  • I love this. There are not enough words to tell you how much. Boreal (£3.95) by Kate Davies.

  • Yeah, I’m on another stranded colorwork kick. Olafsdottir ($7.95) by Carol Sunday.

  • I love the pattern on these fingerless mitts, though I would be tempted to turn them into mittens. Nadolig Fingerless Mitts (£3.95) by Kim.

  • Absolutely delicious twisted stitches in this shawl from Lily Go. Rendezvous ($5.50)

  • Quoth the Raven ($16 collection) by Lisa Mutch is all around stellar. Be sure to look into Nevermore (pictured), Lenore, Plutonian, and Ominous.

  • On the Right ($5) by Debbie O’Neill is squishy, stripey garter stitch set at odds.


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