Sweaterday: Miniature Edition

What’s that you say? Sweaterday? But I finished a sweater earlier this week! This is true, but I finished a second sweater this week.


I knit the Maile Sweater by Nikki Van De Car for the same baby-to-be who is getting the panda bear and the crochet blanket. Worked in a fingering weight yarn, this sweater should be a good weight for a baby living in Florida—not too heavy but hopefully warm enough for those times that the temperature does drop. The sweater is unblocked in all of these photos, because I finished it Wednesday night and didn’t have time to block and dry, but I imagine it will probably grow a little bit.


The yarn is hand-dyed by my friend Lizz, so I don’t know a lot about the details of it. I love how it striped a bit in the sleeve.

And of course, my favorite place to add detail on a baby sweater is in the buttonband. I went diving into my button stash and came out with these adorable little white buttons.


I’m so excited to give these gifts to the mom-to-be. I hope she can use the blanket and the sweater in Florida, at least a little bit. It’s about 80° right now, if that gives you any indication about the weather in Florida’s “winter.”

Back to work on my socks!


7 thoughts on “Sweaterday: Miniature Edition

    • I know! At least some of the other baby presents I plan on knitting will have models near me relatively soon. Now, how quickly they’ll fit into said baby gifts… different story. 😀

  1. So sweet! I love how the sleeves turned out and those buttons are just too cute!! It always hot outside in FL but as you know it’s always freezing inside, I’m sure this will get plenty of use!!

    • Granted, I’ve only knit one thing for a baby down here, but it was never worn while they lived in Florida (and also granted, it was worsted weight wool; they did put the sweater on the second girl a few months ago). I’m just used to people down here not using handknits, in spite of air conditioning.

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