Seeing Red

Pantone’s color of the year is Tangerine Tango.

Which is not a bad color at all. I do like the orange-y-ness of it, without being Carrot Top orange; the cool undertones totally make it a relatively wearable color. But so far, 2012 has felt red to me. Not burgundy, not mauve, but red.

This Etsy treasury got it started and now I’m a little obsessed. Like I was with purple last year. Purple is still awesome. But I’ve got red on my mind.

Seeing Red

Thankfully my red yarn bin is relatively full, though there may just be a lot of yarns in a reddish color (including orange, burgundy, or mauve) lumped in there. Right now I’m waffling on the fifteen skeins of Ultra Alpaca Light I bought in Oceanic Mix for my Larch cardigan, possibly exchanging them for the same yarn in Cardinal. By the way, Maria of Subway Knits and I have discussed doing a Larch KAL—anyone else interested? We could make a Thing out of it!

What colors are speaking to you so far this year?