Friday Finds

Flash and dash Friday Finds because I’m still recovering from last night’s endeavors with a friend.

  • Canary Knits is doing a fun little “knitter’s astrology” series. See what she thinks your sign says about your knitting personality.
  • Rockefeller Mitts ($4) by Nicole Clark

  • Thorny (free) by Lisa Villareal

  • Sunlight Shawl for Sad People (free) by Sylvia Bo Bilvia (hehe!)

  • Mama Ruffles ($4) by Christina Wall

  • Nanook (C$6.50) by Heidi Kirrmaier

  • Sophisticated Scribbles ($6) by Elizabeth Rislove Etler

  • Mod ($6) by Kirsten Kapur

  • Beynac (£3) by Melanie Edgar

  • Lattice ($5) by Rose Beck