Friday Finds

Flash and dash Friday Finds because I’m still recovering from last night’s endeavors with a friend.

  • Canary Knits is doing a fun little “knitter’s astrology” series. See what she thinks your sign says about your knitting personality.
  • Rockefeller Mitts ($4) by Nicole Clark

  • Thorny (free) by Lisa Villareal

  • Sunlight Shawl for Sad People (free) by Sylvia Bo Bilvia (hehe!)

  • Mama Ruffles ($4) by Christina Wall

  • Nanook (C$6.50) by Heidi Kirrmaier

  • Sophisticated Scribbles ($6) by Elizabeth Rislove Etler

  • Mod ($6) by Kirsten Kapur

  • Beynac (£3) by Melanie Edgar

  • Lattice ($5) by Rose Beck


6 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. Nanook is srsly making me contemplate changing my sweater choice. Beautiful. Especially since the yarns aren’t even wound yet (despite some little man’s best effort to sort them for me). Hmmm…

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