Friday Finds

The facts are these:
1. It’s another Friday, so more Friday Finds! So many great patterns to choose from this week.
2. The forecast for tomorrow includes a lot of snow. I think this means a lot of knitting.

  • Hazelhurst (£2.50) by Kate Davies says it’s stranded colorwork, but it almost looks like double knitting to me. Either way, I love this classic pattern worked in two colors and grafted in the round.

  • Wave (free) by Kristen Finlay is a sweet little triangular shawl worked from the bottom up in a simple lace pattern.

  • Who doesn’t love a pop of color? Dak Mai ($3) by Annie Watts features a bold color cable inserted into a neutral background. The color is repeated along the edge and in the pompom on top of the hat. So cute!

  • These adorable little Squish Owls (CAD$5) by Amanda Schwabe come with four charts for customizing their bellies! So cute!

  • Eileen Vito’s Little Red Raglan ($5.50) features a combination of awesome cable patterns worked into a simple raglan design, with an optional, separate cowl. Proceeds of this pattern are going to Mended Little Hearts of Rochester, a group that works with children with congenital heart defects and their families.

  • Thea Colman’s Chambord ($6.50) is a gorgeous pullover with subtle cabling design and a beautiful cowl neck. Knit from the top down, if I were to knit this I’d probably add some length to the body, but I love that the ribbing doesn’t really pull in to emphasize if one has a belly.


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds

  1. I love that cap! I’ve been wanting to experiment with combining color work and cabling, and that could be a perfect starting point.

    It just started snowing here too, snow knitting party!

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