Sweaterday: Fluffy and White

Yes, this post is coming on Sunday, and Sweaterday is technically Saturday (as technically as a made up day can be), but when the outside world is this fluffy and white…


and the inside world is this fluffy and white…


can you really blame me for not wanting to go outside to write a blog post? I opted to stay inside yesterday, mostly in my bed, watching the second and third discs of Community season 2, and knitting away on my Larch cardigan. Yesterday I finished the back, and then I went a little off script, blocking the body before joining the shoulders. I don’t know that doing it in this order makes any difference whatsoever, but it allows me to “block” the body in one single layer of fabric, which helps it lay a little smoother and dry faster. This morning I joined the shoulders and bound off for the back neck (and neglected to brush my hair before taking photos—awesome).


I have a cardigan body! It just needs sleeves and an edging! I’M SO EXCITED. (yes, I am about to lose control, and truly, I think I like it.) Instead of working on the sleeves, though, I spent the rest of the day working on a quick little project for a friend. But I’ll cast on the first sleeve today and hopefully churn out a big chunk of it. The yarn for my Delancey is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so I’m hoping to knock out that swatch tomorrow as well. My poor stripey socks are still neglected, but I have 25+ pairs of socks—my feet are warm enough.


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