Stretchy cast-on techniques

I cast on for my second Larch sleeve, and as I was working the basic long-tail cast on, I thought about this video that Lisa showed me yesterday. Developed by “Tillybuddy” (that’s her YouTube handle, anyway), it seems to be a variation on the cable cast-on that also works like a tubular cast-on.

Here’s a video of a tubular cast-on from Ysolda Teague.

My personal favorite stretchy cast-on is the Twisted German cast-on (also called Old Norwegian in some circles). It’s stretchy but it’s not “limited” to ribbing, so it works well if you want a slightly stretchier edge to the bottom of a sweater (or a sleeve, perhaps).

I will definitely be giving Tillybuddy’s cast-on a try—it looks incredibly helpful for ribbed sock cuffs. What’s your favorite cast-on, stretchy or otherwise?

update: by request in the comments, I’m posting this video from New Stitch a Day for the knitted cast-on.