Stretchy cast-on techniques

I cast on for my second Larch sleeve, and as I was working the basic long-tail cast on, I thought about this video that Lisa showed me yesterday. Developed by “Tillybuddy” (that’s her YouTube handle, anyway), it seems to be a variation on the cable cast-on that also works like a tubular cast-on.

Here’s a video of a tubular cast-on from Ysolda Teague.

My personal favorite stretchy cast-on is the Twisted German cast-on (also called Old Norwegian in some circles). It’s stretchy but it’s not “limited” to ribbing, so it works well if you want a slightly stretchier edge to the bottom of a sweater (or a sleeve, perhaps).

I will definitely be giving Tillybuddy’s cast-on a try—it looks incredibly helpful for ribbed sock cuffs. What’s your favorite cast-on, stretchy or otherwise?

update: by request in the comments, I’m posting this video from New Stitch a Day for the knitted cast-on.


6 thoughts on “Stretchy cast-on techniques

    • I find backwards loop to be too stretchy for me—it always ends up with long strands of yarn between the stitches. Are you able to counteract that somehow? I’d love to learn! I replace backwards loop with knitted cast-on every time I come across it in a pattern.

  1. I just watched your very ‘stretchy cast on’ youtube video and then this one as well. After practicing along with both of them I can do it. Thank you very much and I enjoy your calm teaching manner.

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